Programme Notes

Partick Thistle FC Working Group: Programme Notes – 14th November 2020 v Greenock Morton

In last Saturday’s programme we provided detail of our increased fan engagement activities but we feel that it well worth recapping on our aims in that respect and the progress made.

Naturally the very difficult circumstances that we all find ourselves living in at the moment prevent us from being able to engage directly face to face but we have been using the tools available to us to do so virtually.

As we outlined in last week’s programme we have been doing so by hosting Fan Consultation Zoom Meetings to discuss the concept of fan ownership. The decision was made to limit these meetings to small numbers but host multiple meetings as it was thought that in terms of effective communication and receiving feedback this was the most constructive approach to take.

The first of those meetings took place late last month and at the time of going to print a total of four of these Zoom meetings have now taken place with a wide cross section of Thistle fans.

As you can imagine there have been disparate views and thoughts expressed but it is precisely this range of views that we are looking for. Right from the outset the decision was made to actively seek the views of those that we know are sceptical, or even hostile, to the notion of fan ownership. It’s only by understanding properly those concerns that we can begin to address them.

The response received though has been more positive than it has been negative and that offers us great encouragement.

These meetings will remain ongoing and if you haven’t received an invite to attend a future meeting and would like to do so or can suggest someone who you feel has an important contribution to make to these vital discussions then please drop us an email at

In addition to those zoom meetings we have through these pages posed a number of questions that we were keen to gain your thoughts on. Those questions being:

  • What the term fan-ownership means to you?
  • What you would like to see from a fan owned Partick Thistle?
  • What issues you might have about the concept of fan ownership

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to respond with their own personal reflections on the above and we would like to take the opportunity to share some more of those views with you. It should be pointed on at this point that these are the views that we have received from those that have contributed. This input is hugely important to us and will help shape our thinking moving forward, but it is just some personal reflections although we are detecting some broad themes repeating themselves.

To summarise the most recent responses:

What does the term fan ownership mean to you?

  • Overall control of the future of Partick Thistle
  • The ability to appoint the Board of Directors
  • Day to day decisions to remain with the Board of Directors but with proper management, governance and accountability

What would you like to see from a fan owned Partick Thistle?

  • A clear, long term strategy
  • A club that is run to ensure that it has a long term, independent, future
  • Structure for fan involvement that is clear and effective with good two way communications but ultimately it must be allow the club to be run effectively.

What issues you might have about the concept of fan ownership

  • The risk of a small group taking effective control under a nominal fan ownership model
  • How to ensure that individuals with the right skills and experience are able to commit to being involved
  • Where the finances otherwise supplied by donations/wealthy individual(s) will come from.
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