Working Group Update

The Working Group has continued to work hard during lockdown, with plenty of Zoom discussions and ideas developed and now expect to have plenty of news to communicate as the Club returns to football business in early September. Thanks to all of our fellow supporters for their patience to date. With all the challenges of Covid-19, we had decided to keep a low profile and had to postpone the direct fan engagement we had planned for the end of last season. We hope and expect that meaningful fan engagement can commence shortly.

Moving forward, the next stage will cause an evolution of the focus of the Working Group, and consequently certain changes will occur to its composition. With personal commitments unexpectedly changing for so many, during an extended period none of us anticipated, we have already had a few changes to notify you of: Pauline Graham, Tom Hosie, Frank Pieri, Gordon Shaw, and Elaine Sibbald have all stepped back from their roles within the original Working Group.  We are sure that all continue to be enthusiastic champions of fan ownership from the touchline. The remainder of the Working Group thank them all for their input and efforts in taking us this far.

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